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Dandylion Sustainability

From ingredient sourcing to packaging choices, environmental impacts are considered throughout all aspects of product development. This means working with recyclable, recycled, compostable or biodegradable packaging options, and incorporating as much post-consumer plastic as possible in any plastic components.

Eco-Conscious Packaging

Bottle: Made of 100% PET - 100% recyclable, versatile material, and made to be remade.

Pump: Most pumps on the market are not recyclable as they are made from mixed materials that are too difficult for most facilities to separate. Dandylion pumps are not currently recyclable. We are working on introducing a refillable pump-free bottle to encourage our community to wash & reuse their pumps. We also hope to introduce a single plastic pump option (recyclable) in the future.

Labels: The labels on the bottles are made from stone paper, an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic labels.

Our shipping packaging is 100% recyclable, compostable, biodegradable, and/or made of recycled material.

Shipping Boxes: Compostable & made of 100% recycled material

Packaging Tape: Water activated & 100% recyclable

Packing Peanuts: 100% biodegradable - just add water to dissolve

🌼 No Waste, Small Batch Production

We produce our Dandylion shampoo & conditioner in small batches to create only what is necessary and eliminate overproduction of product that may go to waste if they stay on our shelves for too long. Small batch production also ensures our products are as fresh as possible when they arrive to you.

Ethically & Mindfully Sourced Ingredients

Ethically, sustainably, and mindfully sourced ingredients are top of mind.

All of our ingredients are vegan, cruelty-free & ethically sourced.

Our formulations are at least 98% natural & plant-derived and we opt for more sustainable plant sources where possible.

Become Climate Neutral Certified

We hope to become Climate Neutral certified by 2022/2023. Once we have one year of operations, we are able to begin the process of becoming Climate Neutral Certified.

Climate Neutral works to decrease global carbon emissions by getting brands to measure, offset, and reduce the carbon they emit. When a brand gets certified, it achieves zero net carbon emissions for all of the carbon it creates while making and delivering its products or services for a year.


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